Fredericktown United Methodist Church
Saturday, March 28, 2020

Our local history

Former  Fredericktown Methodist Church

The first society of the church was in 1818.  Early county histories give some data of meetings in a block house at the corner of North Pleasant and East First Streets, overlooking the Kokosing River.  This site was chosen so Indians could be seen in the valley.  In 1836 Rev. E.M. Conant was sent to the Fredericktown Circuit.  Meetings were held in the wheelright shop located at the corner of West College and North Chestnut Streets.  He swept out the shop every Saturday evening and placed seats for the Sunday morning service.  The first Methodist Church was built in 1840 on the corner of North Chestnut and Sandusky Street.  In 1856,  the trustees bought a lot on East Sandusky Street, near the Public Square for  $450.00.  The new church building was completed and dedicated in the fall of 1857.  In 1892  small windows of clear glass were replaced by stained glass windows at a cost of $1,100.00.  In 1905 a spire was added.  In 1937, the first Methodist Episcopal Church celebrated its centennial with special services held in June.  As the church grew,  conditions grew crowded.  On May 20, 1957, the Official Board approved a motion to abandon the site and relocate on Columbus road.  The entire congregation participated in the ground breaking on Sunday, May 22, 1960 for an Educational Unit.  In 1970, a legacy from the estate of Mary Dunham was added to the fund designated for the new sanctuary.  On May 2, 1971, ground was broken for phase two of the building program.  The new sanctuary was completely furnished and ready for occupancy on February 2, 1972.  A Consecration Service was held on February 20th.

To all past, present and future members;
In memory of those who once labored
In appreciation of those who now serve;
In hope of an even greater future;
For the praise of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
"Unto God be glory in the Church"
(Ephesians 3:21)